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Grace lies Beneath the Surface

To convey my understanding of the nature of Jesus’ beattitudes found in Matthew 5:1-12, I decided to create a piece of visual art. Begin with a blank white board (here, pastel board.) Write the verses, or any important message across the board. Cover the entire surface with beautiful, opulent, shiny, brilliant colors – use heavy […]

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Catching up part 2…

This past Wednesday at Morrow Church’s jazz vespers service, we explored what it means to stand in thin space between last year and the year to come. We let go of the past, lift up our needs, concerns and hopes for the moment and lean in to what God is continuing to do in our […]

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I find that behind the lens of a camera there lies great power.  Depending on the focus of the shot, the depth of field, the composition of image, or the perspective of the photograph, I can tell completely different stories from one real life scene.  You can put the camera on the floor and shoot […]

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Olive Trees - Van Gogh

Olive Trees

Vincent van Gogh painted this scene while living in a mental instition in France. These trees and mountains were inspired by the actual landscape surrounding the courtyard of the asylum where he stayed. Imagine that! Taking the incidental landscape surrounding a difficult situation and casting them in such a way that is inspiring even a […]

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Lent in Full Color

Closeup of “Olana Matthew Six” by Makoto Fujimura Traditionally the season of Lent begins with ashes, a symbol of human mortality, limitation and brokenness.  We often take the sign of the cross out of ashes on our foreheads, or hands to remind us of our humanity and our inherent need for God.  This is a […]

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He Qi's Jonah


“In the face of death they screamed and strained to hold the soaking ropes, creaking in the wind, and wild scenes appeared, in full horror, behind the sea’s tumultuous waves and forces unrestrained. “You gods eternal, ever good, who now offense betoken, Save us, or give a sign that we may know who with secret […]

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Why Art is Important to my Faith

Art gives color, texture, form and melody to what otherwise can be a world of rhetorical gymnastics. Theology is important, but when rigid, it can leave little room for human experience, moments of doubt, and the need for a nonverbal expression. For thousands of years the Christian church has illuminated experience, told the faith story […]

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