Jump Monk

This was the prelude for one of our Lenten jazz worship services at Morrow Church. Imagine jazz music as liturgical landscape. Does it change the atmosphere for the service?

Absolutely. The beauty of such colorful music paints a different backdrop to come and worship God. Rather than a showy piece played on the organ, mixing it up stylistacally can truly speak to the heart of a different group of people, as to say: “come in. you are welcome here. seeking God can feel like home for you.”

I have found that these services has been a personal blessing for me, with the rich melodies of jazz standards, swinging renditions of hymns I learned as a child, bright candles and fabrics on the altar and colorful artwork adorning the sanctuary. Such an aesthetic doesn’t take away from the spiritual experience, but adds a layer of color and texture to it. It feels like home – praying to God in my native language.

How do you mix it up to speak to the deep reaches of the heart for people of differing backgrounds?

The church needs creativity. The world needs good news in new, creative wine skins.

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Author:Chris Heckert

Senior Pastor of Haddonfield United Methodist Church Musician, communicator, husband/father, seeker of a better way through reconciliation by the healing power of God's love


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